Eliminate The Middleman

Eliminate the middle man in transactions in colorado - Integrated merchant solutions

By establishing a BANK DIRECT processing relationship, you gain access to…

Compatible with most POS systems​

IMS recognizes the value of streamlining processes and enhancing convenience for businesses of all sizes. “Interoperability” is one of the fundamental services we offer, and it has the potential to completely change how companies manage their payment processing infrastructure.

Integrating a POS system seamlessly:

We take great pride in our excellent integration abilities with the majority of POS systems on the market. No matter if you are presently utilizing an established system or implementing the most recent technology, we make sure that your payment process continues to be simple and hassle-free. No system modifications or sophisticated configuration management are required. You can keep using your preferred POS system while taking advantage of IMS’s market-leading services.

Make the most of your current endpoints’ potential:

Endpoint switching can be expensive and disruptive. We have been expertly created to integrate with your current endpoint infrastructure. No need for pricey replacements or upgrades. We firmly believe that companies ought to be given the freedom to develop and adapt at their own rate without having to shell out extra money. With our help, you can update your payment processing without having to totally redo your hardware.

Simple Updates:

IMS makes updating easier for you overall. We offer updates that are straightforward, easy to use, and don’t interfere with your normal business operations. With IMS, you can effectively reduce risk and increase operational efficiency while making sure your systems are always up to date.

Wireless devices (Accept in-person payments) in denver colorado with best price - Integrated Merchant Solutions

Wireless devices (Accept in-person payments)

The Wireless Devices from Integrated Merchant Solutions are your key to a quicker and more effective payment collection process. They are ideal for companies of all sizes and types because they allow for the acceptance of payments in person from anywhere. Say good-bye to payment hassles and hello to transactions that are more streamlined.

Accept Payments Anywhere:

Our wireless devices give your company the ability to accept payments at any time and from any location. IMS makes sure you can process payments without a hitch, regardless of where you are: at a busy event, on the road making deliveries, or performing other services.
Perfect for Field Services,

Events, and Deliveries:

Are you a delivery service, an event planner, or a field-based expert? Integrated Merchant Solutions Wireless Devices are created specifically for you.

They offer a simple method for receiving payments right away, improving client satisfaction and your bottom line. No more looking for unpaid bills or waiting for checks to arrive in the mail. With Integrated Merchant Solutions, you have the upper hand.

Easy Post-Service Billing: Our wireless devices make it simple for you to invoice customers and collect payments, which minimizes administrative work and guarantees that you get paid on time. Improved cash flow and more time to concentrate on expanding your business are the results of this efficiency.

Direct Bank Integration in Colorado - Integrated Merchant Solutions

Direct Bank Integration

This service is intended to make your financial transactions simpler and to give your company more power overall.

Eliminate Middlemen to Reduce Commissions:

The removal of middlemen from your financial transactions is one of the main advantages of our Direct Bank Integration service. Bid adieu to the fees imposed by pointless middlemen.

You can significantly lower transaction costs by interacting directly with banks, which will allow you to reinvest more money where it belongs—into your company.

Swift Account Approval and Activation:

We are aware of how crucial timing is in business. It can be annoying and expensive to wait for account activations and approvals. You’ll have a quick approval and account activation process with Integrated Merchant Solutions.

We expedite these procedures to get you up and running as soon as possible so you can immediately begin taking advantage of our services.

Direct Bank Integration from Integrated Merchant Solutions is your entryway to a financial world that is more effective and economical. By communicating directly with banks, you can cut out middlemen, pay less in commission fees, and receive account approval and activation quickly.

The time has come to take charge of your financial affairs and put your company on the road to success.

Gateway Optimization Service

Success in the world of eCommerce depends on your capacity for adaptation, the security of your transactions, and the efficiency of your payment processing. Gateway Optimization for eCommerce is one of the core services offered by IMS Integrated Merchant Solutions. This service’s goal is to give your online business more power by providing better security, higher conversion rates, and affordable solutions.

Reduce Fraud and Boost Conversions:

Conversions can be increased by reducing fraud, which can cause financial losses for online businesses and erode customer confidence. Your defense against fraudulent activities is provided by our Gateway Optimization service.

Integrated Merchant Services assists you in reducing the risks connected with online transactions by putting in place cutting-edge security measures and fraud detection tools.

This helps to build customer confidence and protects your revenue, increasing conversion rates. You’ll notice fewer abandoned carts and more completed transactions with Integrated Merchant Solutions.

Better Rates, Same Performance:

IMS is aware that cost effectiveness is crucial in eCommerce. By optimizing your payment processing, our gateway optimization service makes sure you get the best rates without compromising performance.

Reduced transaction costs are possible while still maintaining the effectiveness and dependability of your payment gateway. As a result, your company will make more money and gain a competitive edge in the eCommerce market.