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    Who We Serve

    We serve multiple business sectors

    Service-based Businesses
    High Risk Businesses
    Other Industries

    We Help businesses save on payment fees.

    • Cost Savings

    We offer competitive rates and direct bank integration to cut unnecessary fees and reduce processing costs. This results in significant savings for clients.

    • Integrations

    We integrate with existing systems to streamline operations. This improves workflow efficiency for clients.

    • Better Customer Service

    We provide dedicated account management and 24/7 customer support to ensure excellent service. Clients benefit from personalized attention.

    Security and Compliance​

    • Aligned with PCI/DSS Standards
    • Leading Security Protocols
    • Safety for You and Your Customers

    How Does IMS Dual Pricing Work?

    • Card and cash price

    As you enter thesale amount the terminal simultaneously displays the card price and the cash price. EBT is also shown if your business accepts it.

    • Discount

    The terminal automatically applies and displays a discount (typically) 4%) to all cash sales.

    • Confirmation

    Both sale amounts are clearly displayed for the customer to see and confirm their payment method.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    New to processing credit cards? Opening a new business location?
    Want to know how long it will take for funds to be deposited into your account?
    Get answers to frequently asked questions here.

    A merchant service provider offers the tools necessary for businesses to successfully process credit card transactions.

    Integrated Merchant Solutions provides a merchant bank account, processes credit card transactions, and forwards the funds from those transactions into the merchant’s bank account.

    In order to uphold the relationship with our merchants, Integrated Merchant Solutions provides processing equipment, merchant statements and reports, risk management, and customer service.

    Applying for a merchant account with Integrated Merchant Solutions is easy.

    Simply click on any of the “Get Started” buttons on the website, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to help get you set

    You may also apply by phone at +1-719-323-9023

    Businesses with poor or no credit are difficult to set up, as the risks are very high.

    However, Integrated Merchant Solutions works with a number of high-risk banks specializing in accommodating these types of accounts, and each account is considered on an individual basis.

    Usually within 1-2 business days. The process of setting up a new merchant includes getting approved by underwriting and setting up or reprogramming equipment or software.

    Integrated Merchant Solutions works closely with its merchants to help them choose the credit card machines and credit card processing software that best meet their specific needs.

    Integrated Merchant Solutions is committed to keeping you and your customers safe from the threats of credit card fraud and identity theft.

    We remain current and compliant with all payment card industry (PCI) regulations with PCI compliant hardware and software.

    We also work with our merchants to achieve and maintain PCI compliance for secure payment processing.

    Depending on the software and/or terminal that you are currently using Integrated Merchant Solutions will most likely be able to accommodate your equipment into our system.

    If the equipment cannot be integrated into our
    system we will be able to provide you with a new solution that will update your current processing.

    When it’s time to settle (or close) the batch, the merchant transmits all the authorization codes to their credit card processor, who sorts and forwards them on to the appropriate issuing banks.

    The banks release the funds to the processor, who deposits them into the merchant’s bank account.

    This step is typically completed within 24-48 hours of the transaction.

    If the legal ownership of the new store is the same as your existing account with us, and it is also the same type of business, we can open an additional location under your current account, unless you are opening an eCommerce location.

    If the business type of your new store is different, you will need to set up a new merchant account for the new location. If you are planning to open another location, or if you have questions or need assistance, please contact our client service representatives at +1-719-323-9023

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