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Integrated Merchant Solutions seamlessly integrates with the client’s current systems, eliminating intermediaries and reducing fees while maintaining the same functionality.

Zero transaction fees in the city - Integrated Merchant Solutions

Service Based Business

Streamline billing and get paid faster with customized payment solutions for service companies like landscapers, contractors, consultants, and more. Our seamless integrations and mobile payments empower efficient payment collection.


Seamlessly integrate tableside POS systems and accept payments reliably in-store or online.

We offer mobile payments, online ordering integrations, and omnichannel processing tailored for cafes, fast casual, fine dining, and more.


Accept payments reliably in-store, online, and on the go.

We provide POS integration, mobile payments, and omnichannel processing customized for boutiques, retail chains, convenience stores, markets, and more.


Boost online sales and reduce cart abandonment.

We provide integrated payment processing with enhanced security and fraud protection for online retailers to increase conversions.


Collect payments efficiently for auto repairs, parts, maintenance, and detailing services.

Our customized solutions integrate with your systems to optimize workflow.


Navigate complex regulations with a compliant, bank-friendly merchant account tailored for dispensaries and cannabis retailers to process payments securely.

Cannabis zero fee transactions business in Colorado - Integrated Merchant Solutions
3d Risk Business in zero transactiosn fees in Colorado - INtegrated Merchant Solutions

High Risk Business

High risk merchant accounts enabled to process payments for industries like CBD, supplements, pharmaceuticals, and more. Bank-friendly solutions provide reliability.

Other industries

Integrated Merchant Solutions serves diverse industries including nonprofits, travel, subscription services, medical and dental offices, sporting events, pet services, IT companies, digital marketing agencies, wholesale distributors, transportation services, professional trainers, authors, artists, insurance providers, home services, mobile businesses, startups, property management, payroll providers, attorneys, accountants, architects, photographers, videographers, caterers, event planners, florists, cleaners, tutors, interpreters, delivery services, party rentals, DJs, wedding planners, decorators, security services, and many more.

Our customized payment solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of any type of business, no matter the industry.

We enable companies across all sectors to unlock their full potential through efficient, integrated payment processing optimized precisely for their operations.

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