Simplified Billing

Streamline billing and get paid faster with customized payment solutions for service companies like landscapers, contractors, consultants, and more. Our seamless integrations and mobile payments empower efficient payment collection.

Get Paid Faster

Integrated Merchant Solutions makes billing seamless for service companies by integrating payment processing into your existing systems.

Collect payments easily via invoices, at job sites, or on your website without affecting your normal operations.

Getting paid quickly improves cash flow.

Payments On-the-Go

With mobile payments and POS systems from Integrated Merchant Solutions, service businesses can accept payments from anywhere.

Our solutions are perfect for accepting payments after completing work orders, at events, or during consultations outside the office.

Convenient payment collection from any location.

Payments from mobile zero fees for business in colorado - Integrated Merchant Solutions 2

Delight Your Clients

Allowing easy payment collection improves customer satisfaction.

Integrated Merchant Solutions empowers service companies to provide a professional, streamlined experience by processing payments quickly, securely, and reliably.

This strengthens client relationships and builds loyalty.