High-Risk Payment Processing Made Simple

High-risk businesses often struggle to find reliable payment solutions.

Integrated Merchant Solutions specializes in serving high-risk industries like adult entertainment, CBD, and more. Get fast approval and a payment processing partner you can trust.

CBD Merchant Account Experts

CBD businesses need a payment partner they can rely on.

Integrated Merchant Solutions offers CBD merchant accounts with fast approval, ensuring you can securely process payments and grow your business.

Solutions for Unique
Business Ventures

From adult entertainment to online dating and more, high-risk businesses can face challenges in payment processing.

Integrated Merchant Solutions caters to a wide range of high-risk industries, providing custom solutions to meet your needs.

Industries We Support

Integrated Merchant Solutions is dedicated to providing payment processing solutions for various high-risk industries.

We understand the unique challenges these businesses face and offer tailored services to ensure they can securely process payments.

Here are some of the industries we proudly support:

Adult Entertainment: For businesses in the adult industry, we offer recurring billing solutions and secure payment processing.

Bad Credit Merchant Accounts: We specialize in serving businesses with bad credit, ensuring you can still access reliable payment processing.

CBD Industry: CBD businesses can benefit from our fast approval CBD merchant accounts to process payments safely.

Debt Collection: Debt collection agencies can count on us for efficient payment processing and chargeback management.

Continuity Subscription: For subscription-based businesses, we provide continuity subscription merchant accounts and payment gateways.

Credit Repair Services: Credit repair companies can rely on us for processing credit repair payments and merchant services.

Online Dating: Dating apps and online dating platforms can securely process payments using our merchant accounts.

Ecommerce: E-commerce businesses in high-risk categories can utilize our payment processing and fraud prevention services.

Firearm Sales: Firearm dealers can access our secure firearm merchant processing and payment gateway solutions.

High-Volume Businesses: Companies with high transaction volumes can benefit from our high volume merchant accounts and payment processing.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): MLM businesses can take advantage of our MLM payment gateway and credit card processing services.

Online Pharmacies: We offer online pharmacy merchant accounts to ensure safe payment processing for pharmaceutical businesses.

Startups: Startup companies can rely on us for startup merchant accounts and payment gateways to kickstart their businesses.

Online Ticket Sales: Ticket brokers can securely process payments with our online ticket sales merchant accounts.

Travel and Tourism: Travel-related businesses can access travel merchant accounts for efficient payment processing.

Technical Support: Tech support companies can count on us for technical support merchant accounts and payment gateways.

Dropshipping: We provide dropshipping merchant accounts for businesses in this industry.

Nonprofits: Nonprofit organizations can securely process donations with our nonprofits merchant accounts.

Sports Betting (Sportsbook): Sportsbook businesses can benefit from our sportsbook merchant accounts and payment gateways.

Nutraceuticals: We offer nutraceutical merchant accounts and credit card processing for businesses in this field.